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Eye Ubiquitious
Nicht nur die schönen Seiten dieser Welt zeigt unsere Partneragentur Eye Ubiquitious. Travel und Reportagen, Menschen und Geschichten - das alles umfasst diese Kollektion, die auch viele historische Aufnahmen zu bieten hat.
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View across lake towards boat house and other building with forest backdrop reflected in flat surface of water.
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Guavio 1  1959 the first wildcat exploration oil rig on the edge of the Llanos in foothills of Cordillera Oriental. Texaco drillers found oil and this well was forerunner to large oil discoveries in 1
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Line of Viet Cong female soldiers.
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Sign on a door of an inter island ferry ship that reads Keep Door Closed.
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Findon village Sheep Fair Elderly lady taking a photograph with a disposable analogue film camera.
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Mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk  founder of the modern Turkish Republic and president in 1923.  Changing of the Guard taking place in foreground of relief carved frieze.
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Hot air balloons in flight over landscape in early morning sunlight with Uchisar town in background.
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Gypsy sword swallower performing on La Ramblas with crowd watching.
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Anti Khmer Rouge demonstration outside their city headquarters. Soldiers with riot shields and press photographer.
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Hamer Jumping of the Bulls initiation ceremony, Married Hamer lady, her hair greased with ocher colouring and animal fat into plaits known as Goscha. She is wearing a necklace know as a Bignere - an m
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Aerial view over flat rooftops of the blue painted houses of the Brahman neighbourhood from Meherangarh Fort, known as the Blue City.
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Portrait of elderly male Hindu beggar outside the Jagdish Temple.  With painted forehead, grey beard and fixed stare.
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Vietnam War. Montagnard refugees await shipment back to their villages outside battle zone in a US helicopter
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Woman making cakes of dried coal dust to fuel kiln.
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Woman making cakes of coal dust used as to fire kilns.
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Press photographers taking close up photographs of a bonfire of the looted contents of the Khmer Rouge offices during an anti Khmer Rouge demonstration
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